Solar Boy Django Review”. This game will soon be featured as our Retro Game of the Day! Boktai 2 ‘s gameplay is largely identical to that of the original, consisting of a series of stealth- and puzzle-oriented dungeons ending in boss battles against vampires with role-playing game elements. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s free, easy and feels damn good! Use the links above: Here’s a list of what’s wrong with the Venom release:

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It’s free, easy and feels damn good!

Find out how else you can support emuparadise. Her prices depend on how much solar energy was collected the previous day.

Boktai 2 – Solar Boy Django

October 19, EU: SOLL is also used to purchase a life when the boktai 2 gba dies and wishes to continue. Oh, and for the record: Solar Boy Django” is the second game in booktai Boktai series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Like the first game, this one has a minigame that can be unlocked by completing the game twice. He decides to go find Boktqi in hope of finding out something about the vampire.


Views Read Edit View history. There are bokrai total of two bad endings. When that’s completed and Jormungandr is defeated again, the player will talk to Violet again. The Legend of Zelda: Solar Boy Django European box art. The second bad ending takes place after fighting the Ancestor Piece Jormungandr. Retrieved April 5, This game contains a new feature called solar forging, available after the player has completed the cathedral tba and rescued Bokttai.

Articles boktau Infobox video game boktai 2 gba locally defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode. Get in touch with us: However, Lita’s function has changed somewhat; in addition to tending the solar tree, she now sells fruit, eliminating the need to grow them like in the first game.

Solar Boy Django ‘ “. The player can gain access to this minigame by talking to Nero the boktai 2 gba Kuro in the original Japanese version or completing the game an even number of times.


Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. There are also crimson enemies. Defeat Jormungandr again, and the player will talk with Lady. He arrives at what is left of San Miguel.

Older characters such as Master Otenko, Sabata, and Lita who happens to run the item shop return as well.

Boktai 2 – Solar Boy Django – Gameboy Advance(GBA) ROM Download

Archived from the original on February 19, Games you may like: Boktai 2 ‘s equivalent is named Dream Avenue. He hears that Smith, the town blacksmith, is missing. Thank you for your nomination.

Here’s a list of what’s wrong with the Venom release: To everyone else, after 24hrs of blood, sweat and tears we very proudly present this masterpiece, properly cracked and fixed for your pleasure.