That sound Fela had, more of a riff than a solo. The band’s name means “devil’s children or bad policemen”. Hymn to Mother Earth. You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. Introspection Late Night Partying.

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Afreaka! – Demon Fuzz | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Forum user Forum password. Retrieved 16 May Rainy Day Demon fuzz afreaka Road Trip. Retrieved 1 February Vocals are back before 8 minutes. To put it bluntly, it grooves. The bonus maxi-single tracks bring as much added denon to the original album as it did with Comus. Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 41 items.

This is what we call an album of pure fusion, a direct fusion between ethnic groups, this group would probably english mention originines music black and white music. The guitar is back after 6 minutes trading off with the horns. Released in Afreaka! This is Funkadelic and a Mel Collins inspired reed quartet.

Jazz Latin New Age. Retrieved 2 February Past, Demon fuzz afreaka and Future 2. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Retrieved 3 February Past, Present and Future. The bass is fuza, sultry and vivacious like a big pair of bouncy brown boobs. This is catchy and so well played. Latest members reviews Demon Fuzz – a blaxploitation prog?!


Not to be missed. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. This dfmon was last edited afrdaka 17 Februaryat Jam Band would be the term we would use to describe the music today but with Funk, Psyche, Rock, Jazz, Ska and a bit of Prog used it demon fuzz afreaka one groover of a record which these days is bringing large amounts on the collectors market as it is in hot demand from DJs.

They appeared on the BBC television show Disco 2 produced by Stephen Clive [8] Turner had demon fuzz afreaka offered but did not take 25 pounds for having them on the program. Hymn to Mother Earth 5. What we do know is that they formed in England in the late s, consisting of seven men with musical tastes informed by — but certainly not limited to — West African, Calypso, soul, jazz, and ska.

It wasn’t only with the likes of King Crimson and Pink Floyd you faced the counter cultures emerging up through the airwaves, but also with the black music community that at this time took artistic chances and revolutionised the more funky parts of the radio.

Demon Fuzz

These guys all immigrated to London during the musical epiphany of the 60s, and while you’ll certainly pick up on some infinitely swinging, warm and psychedelic Hammond-organ-hippie-vibes during most of this record, it still comes across unlike most of what got produced around that time – especially in London!


Demon fuzz afreaka Late Night Partying. Demon fuzz afreaka sites in the MAC network: That Demon Fuzz never achieved fame or stardom in their time makes some kind demon fuzz afreaka paradoxical sense; as tight and pop-driven as they were at times, their jams ran a little too free and lasted a little too long for radio play.

Call afreaa melodic avantguarde, crooked soul, bouncy doo-wop or progressive blaxpoitation – hell I don’t give a flying feck, but whatever you do, please take a chance with it – let it fill your living room with a rhythmic sensuousness and a funky beat that’ll have your missus shaking dat ass, imitating bad hip hop videos and rolling up doobies like a young Jane Fonda in a leather catsuit with slender nimble fingers and a wild jungle stare.

It is a mix of soul, blues, rock, funk, jazz and African music with a little bit afreeaka “prog sauce”. This is catchy with drums,percussion, organ and more. Demon Fuzz was an afro-rock group which was formed in and broke up in