I try a new windows and the all drivers that i find and nothing,is recognized by the pc but is not working with the program. Use ftdi last drivers 2. Read my posts above, you have all the answers you need there, the same i gave to Morette. Thus, maybe this will work as is. Hello friends, I have 2 galletto, 1 is with led and the other one is without led and from what I read it can be used to read sirrius 32 ecu’s.

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I saw on another website, galletto 1250 they connect the Galletto to the vehicle, then to the laptop computer and then windows asks for the drivers. I dont wanna galpetto against galetto. Hello to all I tried reading my ecu with the Galletto clone and get an impossible to open port message.

We must wait for new ver of galletto sw be on the market, with newest ecus included.

With the 1520 V. Well here is the one i have but nothing to test it on at the moment. Hi guys I just got a hold of a Galletto clone and when i connected the usb cable to my Windows XP SP3 laptop, galletto 1250 automatically installed the drivers.


galletto 1250

And the dump of memory firmware for Galletto you can find in the docs with software and schematics, find here on dk. I dont think so Should i then just erased the original drivers in that folder and galletto 1250 copy the new ones?

I tried gal folder drivers, and latest official ftdi, as a next move, but still Please check the detail compatible vehicles list! Regards, Mark my friend here yalletto that I have them, without success Here are the steps: It looks good in WinOLS, but just want to be sure. Galletto i read three times i gallerto three different files. And this seller is in Bosnia Thank You, In car,try pull dash fuse Should it be done like that or would installing it as i did initially without connecting the Galletto to the vehicle would render the same installation results?

Galletto 1250 bring up galletti eobd properties and update driver through this choosing to manually select the file to update from. Why they 12500 to RS the output of FT? Unfortunately i am not able to build a stable setup. Honda Diagnostic System kit. They sell Mpps Genuine Amt Cartech When i plug the tool in the galletto 1250, i open the software, and press ecu id for example software freezes, and have to kill it with task manager.


But also as you I use LD in my Galletto and it work perfect.

For read you can put flash pin24 to GND. Here the link for Galetto sw: Is not the same.

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What is the diode galletto 1250 5h? The car runs fine. I thought the 1st one was faulty. I saw you mention Bosnia twice in last few posts. I just want to be on the really safe side as i want to avoid frying the engine computer. So it is low cost interface from China I connected my serial to usb galletto 1250 onto my laptop, then went -into system-hardware-device manager and then found the com port where my serial to usb adapter is located and right clicked on it and selected uninstall.

Try one of the subsequent serial no.