Does this method still work? Steam will reaquire it. Hi again myname, thought I’d keep the info public for my reference too Once you are there, manually delete whatever is left in that Quake2 directory. Simply email me your readme.

quake 2 pak0.pak

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Jul 5, 1: To edit these files, you will need to download Pak Explorer. No mouse found You must be the owner of the current console to use svgalib. For most changes you make to game elements, this means overwriting gamex Editing the source code: This is ONLY to be lak0.pak to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m in the dire need for some fragging fun.

Once you’ve made your changes, you will need to overwrite the relevant files from the demo with your new versions. But don’t feel too bad if things didn’t work out well, or that you feel you need to spend more time on your main project.


If you just moved it accidentally, place it into the baseq2 folder. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

quake 2 pak0.pak

However, I also know that it is in general pka0.pak bad idea to not set deadlines and usually that assignment simply ends up not getting done! Failed to initialize mouse.

When you are done, do not submit any code or data files. No such file or directory anyone know why? I followed the instructions here: Once you are there, manually delete whatever is left in that Quake2 directory. Extract all the files from pak0. Since am on Gutsy, I used the following binary: What is the easiest way to install Q2 for Linux, which would use this install quaie allow me to connect to people running Quake 2 v.

quake 2 pak0.pak

Start a New Discussion. Note, it is not necessary to put your edited files back into the pak file for the game to find them. Opening and Editting the pak0.

Index of /jayna/Public/quake2/baseq2

You can then move or rename pak0. Not running in a graphics capable console, and unable to find one.

Hey all, I quke my backup Quake 2 version 3. I’m thinking I’ll put up the binaries and what ever config files on my server and you can just DL them.


quake 2 pak0.pak

I returned pak0 to the baseq2 folder properly I think. You can now edit the data files for the game.

Quake 2 MD5/SHA1 Hash

Leave that on the computer you are quaake on. Evidently, following the instructions didn’t do it, the Loki installer didn’t work. I believe it’s just the binaries and expects the assets to be copied over from the disk, in your case this would be perfect. Could somebody help me out? If you’ve deleted it, verify the integrity of the games files on Steam.

easiest Quake2 install [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Quake II Store Page. In order to change monster behaviors, etc, you will need to edit and rebuild quakd source code. Last edited by ; Jul 5,