This may or may not be an indication of how they would behave in longer games, but it seems to mean that for rapid analysis Stockfish should be better. Some people are repulsed to the point of hatred. Who is your favourite chess player? This can only mean that they are partners in this Houdart theft. Well, as Ingo doesn’t want to test your engine would it be possible for you to share any results you have? Wrong, I “blacklisted” it because of unknows authors. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire.

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Fire formerly Firebird and Robbolito has a deeper and narrower search than Fritz and Rybka and probably englne chess enginesso either it has a more efficient pruning algorithm or it has a higher probability of missing a good move.

RobboLito Download Page

Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. What is your problem? Therefore, under this supposed European law, all operating systems are in violation of the law. Changing nothing more than the name of the engine is chese fine from a legal standpoint and not stealing at all.

But the current RobboLito 0. Do you know what that even means? In the real world, it does not work that way, and my statement becomes commical. Robbolito chess engine quicksort algorithm is chezs public domain, since the copyright has expired.


TwoMove 9 min ago. I tink that is no longer possible to download site robollito Kranium.

My versions are the most recent ones. Robert Houdart apparently used Robbolito 0. Those are 15 min games iirc. If an autor is considering a setting as better than his engine he will incooperate robblito in its next release – I will test that if it robbolito chess engine to the IPON conditions. Would the improvements you are making in Robbolito make their way to Ivanhoe.

need a strong free chess engine

Bob Bob Pro Member Status: The rights of authors are protected within their lifetime and for seventy years after their death ;[15] this includes the resale rights of artists. You are not connected.

I would vote YES on a donate button, i. By Lukas Cimiotti Date Would we see a newer robbolito chess engine of Ivanhoe in the near future? GPL license means absolutely nothing, and they do nothing to prevent this king of abuse Vladimir Vladimir Super Moderator Status: It is not necessarily clear cut, give Norman’s claims and using the similarity tester, what exactly is the robbolito chess engine for Houdini.


By Permanent Brain Date To spend that money I have to have an interest in the engine OR I make a Donate button on my page and people can donate the amount and I could test it.

Anyone else have any comparisons between those engines? Hi Ingo- it’s certainly no ‘setting’, it’s a major release, 1st since Feb.

I do not test setting as I have to test a new “better” setting every day then and my rating list would be worthless as robbolito chess engine is flodded with more or less the same engine. If something comes robbolito chess engine which is undoubtedly better than the original I might be interested in that setting: Jul 8, By kranium Date Hi Kranium, I think it’s better not to publish the source code in chses future.

Abolutly a waste of time then! Unless you are trying to do some kind of “quantum weirdness” in the macro-world? By Geomusic Date