The Slate To score, a slate marked as shown is traditionally used. A total of 36 cards are used in the game. Each side then multiplies its total card points for tricks by the factor for the hand, and scores it on the slate. Undenufe is pronounced with the d and the f silent. So any player may at any time claim to have won the game.

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For a failed bid, the game value is credited to each opponent. A higher-ranked schieber jass beats a schirber one. A bid of is over called by Pandurand by Trump Nass. On the second and subsequent hands the player to dealer’s right is forehand, and the deal rotates to the right after each hand.

If four play, the dealer gets the value of a failed bid, but not if he stands at 13 or 14 points. Some do not allow Obenabe and Undenufe.

The schieber jass who plays the highest card or the strongest trump card wins the trick. Because of the scoring method, and because players may count the values of tricks already made schieber jass the course of a hand without being able to turn them over and look at themit may not be obvious when jsas total has been achieved. Today, Jass is the name of the game.

Jass – Wikipedia

The choosing of the trump suit at the beginning of each match is a crucial decision. Count the trumps and recognize the highest cards As with every type of Jass, it is advisable to know how many trumps are still in the game and who might be holding them.


Only the schieber jass may score for melds, provided that he uass the best, that is, if an opponent has a better meld, it does not score itself but only prevents the soloist from scoring. Yves Kirschmann has developed the software jassMaster2k for organising and scoring Jass tournaments. Coiffeur Schieber is a modern variation in which each contract must be played by each team or player once during the session – see the Coiffeur Schieber schieber jass.

All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from April Meld points are won for a sequence of three or more cards of the same suit or for four identical cards see adjoining table.

The question is then, who won first? Some people play all contracts scoring single, in which case the total needed for game is reduced toand jasz target for the Bergpreis, and the amount the losers need to score to avoid Schneider, is Schieber jass Swiss-German cards use Swiss suits, a variant of German suits, and also have a distinctive design.

So that the pack will add up to the usual points, the 8s also count eight points each.

– Online Jass

If you cannot obtain such a pack, you can play it with a bridge or poker pack, using queens for obers, jacks for unders, 10s for banners, and discarding cards smaller than 6s.

The game is won by the player or the team who first reaches a previously agreed target score, most often points. Only the holder of the best meld may score for it. When the first card is played, each player has to decide if he schieber jass to declare a meld. schieber jass


Rules of Jass

Thus there is a total of points in the pack. Views Read Edit View history. Advice on Skilful Play Forehand should not make a “vegetable” suit acorns or flowers trumps unless there is a hope of being able to make match.

Only if unable to follow suit may any of the players then renounce. You can download a free demo of Steve Mattraux’s Superchibre program. By extension, Jass is often used of any game played in Switzerland with such cards.

If one partnership claims to have won in the first trick of a hand, the other partnership may itself claim to have won. This might be scored as three strokes on the top line of the slate and three on the lower line. If elder leads schieber jass making any announcement, whatever is led becomes trump. As with every type of Jass, schieber jass is advisable to know how many trumps are still in the game and who might be holding them.

If four players take part in the game, the last card is turned for trumps, so that dealer does not take schieber jass into his hand until about to play the first of the tricks. Melds, marriages and matches Additional points are awarded for melds, marriages and matches any multipliers apply here too.