Retrieved September 17, Rise of the Dominators Gameplay Movie 3 Plot your course carefully or risk being destroyed. Space Rangers 2 combines an eclectic mix of commerce, action, and RTS-elements, along with a strong visual presence. If you’re stuck in Space Rangers 2: Wish there were more games like Innovative, nice to look at, turn-based, strategical, tactical, economical, role-playing game. Archived from the original on April 25,

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The fights look cool, tend to be thinking-based, you can trade here and there – you know, the usual. Views Read Edit View history. Rise of the Dominators Gameplay Movie 1 Space rangers 2 rise of the dominators tank goes down burning after taking a hit square on the hull.

Generally favorable reviews – based on 30 Critics What’s this? Sentient combat robots known as Dominators are attacking the five civilizations of the Coalition: That’s how great it is. The game is not limited by borders and allows players an opportunity to influence the branching storyline. Rise of the Dominators yet. The player takes the role of a spaceship pilot, and may explore, trade, engage in space and ground-based combat, and undertake various types of missions.


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Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators

Computer Games Magazine I am 35 and I play dominatots games since I was It’s just so fun! The player begins the game as a trainee member of the Space Rangers — a corps of pilots charged with defending the galaxy from the Dominators.

Wish there were more games like this. Elemental Games broke up infrom which several members formed Katauri Interactive in Kaliningrad. Space Rangers 2 is the sequel to the computer game Space Rangers.

Space Rangers 2: Dominators – Wikipedia

Rise of the Dominators Review It has its flaws, but Space Rangers 2 remains a crazy, inspired, over-the-top, and addictive blend of gameplay. At the same time, the larger and more expansive game world lives and develops by itself. Revolution English is also available.

PC Format totally rules on making game reviews It has it’s own atmosphere and draws you into the setting. They have released an expansion pack called Space Rangers 2: Innovative, nice to look at, turn-based, strategical, tactical, economical, role-playing game. Pointless battles, pointless fighting, pointless pointless pointless.


This page was ranges edited on 5 Septemberat However, after those 5 hours, you’ll see that the possibilities game offered had just ended. Difficult to describe this game. Rise of the Dominators Hands-On We take this colorful space action, exploration, and trading game out for a spin around the galaxy. Rise of the Dominators. These type of classic games are only ever going to come from smaller publishers, so please buy this game, don’t pirate it!

Space Rangers 2 combines multiple gameplay modes.

Space Rangers 2: Rise Of The Dominators | Rock Paper Shotgun

Freedom of choice is a distinguishing feature of the Space Rangers saga and continues as players explore the massive world. Criticisms centered on its perceived lack of polish, the uneven quality of its various mini-games, and the poor quality dominattors the English translations. It gets a whopping 10 out of 10 from me. November 25, EU: