At that time, the drug industry was stagnating into what it is now. Add your thoughts 12 Comments. Once again many people might think that this is about how drugs are bad. Anyway this song is great to get high to. General Comment I agree with gimpy. Basically anyone who is motivated by profit is a pusher

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A lot of bums on the street became big time drug traffickers overnight, establishing their own rules, similar to the mafia in the early 20th century.

Steppenwolf:The Pusher Lyrics

I think drugs are a choice that you have to personally make, just like Stdppenwolf. The Pusher is found on the album Early Steppenwolf.

General Comment Everyone seems right on so far discussing this song. I have the vinyl, but I believe it was released on CD, and some of the other songs like Howlin’ Wolf covers steppenwolf the pusher pretty impressive, too. I have to say that I am suprized few people have commented on this song.

God damn the pusher. Anyway this song is great to get high to. Login with Google Error: When ateppenwolf play this song on your instrument, you can really feel it. User does not exist.


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They didn’t write this song though, it was written by a guy who was a student of the woman who wrote Heartbreak Hotel for Elvis. The Pusher song meanings. Song Meaning The lyrics themselves have a literal and obvious meaning to them. Or people who steppenwolf the pusher trying to get you to do more risky and heavy drugs?

A musician such as myself can tell when a song is good, regardless of the genre. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. At that time, the drug industry was stagnating into what it is now. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! No Replies Log in to reply.

The pusher man can be whoever you want it to be. But who is the pusher man? General Comment this song was written by Hoyt Axton. There was an error.

The pharmaceutical company is the bigest pusher in the world those monsters!!!! We steppenwolf the pusher not have any tags for The Pusher lyrics. Why not add your own? Steppenwolf — The Pusher. This a direct jab to all of that, saying “God damn the pusher man. If it’s not specifically drugs themselves, then it was about the nature of drug deals. So even though i don’t do drugs, i can still relate to this song You decide what you eat and the consequences are seen by all.


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Once again many people might think that this is about tne drugs are bad. General Comment John Kay, the vocalist, must have been tokin’ some grass while singing this hippie song. THis song is about how hard drug deals are bastards but grass growers are cool. It’s really interesting because from what are taken from the words, it’s as if what he John Kay is against drugs.