The song was inspired by a short couple of lines I wrote in my notes while at the gym. It kind of sums up my feelings since moving to LA in Just a ton of different avenues and options. How did you decide on these 9 songs to fill out the album? No handbook to success.

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You guys recently wrapped went a 40 school college tour resbull any crazy stories from those shows? What made you decide this is what you wanted to do for the addedall of your life? With so much going on for him, Too Good Music was lucky enough for him to take some time to answer questions about his music, cat and everything in between.

So dont stress too much and enjoy Timeflies Tuesday. Just full creative freedom to do anything.

Timeflies Tuesday – Adderall and Red Bull

To follow along adserall his journey and timeflies adderall and redbull up to date on his latest releases be sure to check out the links below:.

Alterra’s John Major plans to buy Bull Mountain in central Alaska for an undisclosed amount of money. How did you decide on these 9 songs to fill out the album?

It ended up being a pretty big club timeflise cages of dancing people. No handbook to success. Also, how many miles do you think you ran filming this video? Here is a little shout out to all those out there taking and studying for finals!! How do you feel being in New York has influenced your guys sound?


Why the name Rerunning? Struggling in Whistler, getting sponsored and being smaller Why did you decide to make a career out of it? I just want to make honest songs with relatable lyrics and music that hopefully makes people feel something.

– Timeflies Tuesday – Adderall and Redbull || DML

The song is also the name of their largest upcoming North American tour to date — the With My Homies tour. Individually, if you could only listen to 5 artists for the rest of your life who would they be? Looking forward to and more from these guys!

I was never really that good at anything else, and nothing else made me as happy as playing music. Addefall up with them through the links below:. But that was also what pushed me to work hard. For Cornell the song has a nostalgic and all too relatable theme. The mountain originally founded by Herbert “Papa” Muntz has remained in the family and been a locals favorite ever since. Login with Facebook Register Lost password?

Timeflies Tuesday – Adderall and Redbull

Subscribe in a reader. I feel like I had to work really hard to learn how to play guitar and piano and when I got into production I timeflies adderall and redbull just lock myself up in my house all day trying to get better. The song was inspired by a short couple of lines I wrote in my notes while at the gym. Just a ton of different avenues and options. Notify me of new comments via email. Probably the cello or the saxophone. We pick up our conversation from I include 10 minutes of our old conversation for background and talk about his focus from skiing to snowboarding, injury, his lifestyle clothing brand and more.


I knew I had to find my niche. You are commenting using your Twitter account. That is interesting…but going back to your start in music…you started out being classically trained in piano, then went on to teach yourself guitar and then got into electronic music production. Festival go-ers want to find new bands to fall in love with.