Joined May 5, Messages 5, Reactions 0 Points Sorry thaks to Batblaster I can not support iDeaS. I’m just curious how that worked out. Fixed bug in OAMs rendering. Media New media New comments Search media. The CPU speed can be increased whenever the games do not run at proper speed, whereas some frames can be skipped. Joined Dec 24, Messages 3, Reactions 0 Points 0.

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D1M1TR1 Lurker, pretty much The link that Little Mike posted is dead or broken. Some people just live to ruin my mood. Actually, all download links of the download section are gone because the files are missing for some ideas Joined May 18, Messages 13, Reactions 1 Points However, support and development seem to have been discontinued, so additional support for Windows 7 or even 8 is quite unlikely.

iDeaS Beta 2 for Windows | Next Generation Emulation Forum

Another benefit of iDeaS is that it comes with specialized parameters for Guitar Hero and GameBoy, so that users can fully enjoy playing their games. The download page is suspended ideas well as the old domain ideas I’ll see if I can upload a more recent complete package like I did for versions 1. Thanks for your help. I’m glad iDeaS found a successor, and can only hope it’ll get good progress. It sounds more like this fellow owns the hosting Lino originally used and there’s some sort of dispute over the hosting arrangement and the data the guy is still holding onto, so this is not your common person acting like an ass and dev shutting ixeas project down in response.


iDeaS Final

Maybe in months I’ll get back home. One of the advantages of iDeaS is that users do not need to ideaz the application to their computer, as the package simply needs to be ideas and the app is ready to run.

Joined May 5, Messages 5, Reactions 0 Points Hello, Been ages since I’m here and tried the latest version. The best graphics on DS?

DS homebrew – iDeaS for Linux and new ALSA Plugin

Feb 5th, GPL. A package containing iDeaS 1.

Joined Jan 25, Messages 2, Reactions 0 Points Members ideaz squallz -StrikE. Joined Jul 5, Messages Reactions 0 Points 0. Fixed bug in OAMs rendering.

Won’t help too much with the problem at hand though if he’s not being given access to his old site Anyways we’ll see It ideas the game runs well though, playing Castlevania: Forum statistics ThreadsMessages 2, MembersLatest member stainor. DsPad requires SDL ideas order to work. Forum statistics ThreadsMessages 2, 1.0.33Latest member stainor.


Sorry thaks to Batblaster I can not support iDeaS. As for the audio problem, did you put the audio dll file in your ideas’ plugin folder?

It needs to be mentioned that the application does not bundle any Nintendo DS games, so users need to load their own ROMs in order to start playing. Joined Feb 20, Messages 23, Reactions 0 Points 0. The audio sounds like it really struggles to keep up with the game trying the settings in your signature. Media New media New comments Search media.

Joined Jan 7, Messages 28, Reactions 0 Points New in iDeaS ideas Fixed some bugs in the new 3D ideas