The unbreakable glass episode of the movie seems to have been inspired by Sabrina movie especially lady secretaries dancing on the glass to test strength. Sunil entertained very well. The interesting part of the film is that hero never fights for his selfish possessiveness on heroine. I don’t know why this movie is not interesting, still every one in the movie are amazing The village head reveals Raju fulfilled his mission as God to save the village, because although Sidhappa was killed, another baby was born to keep the village’s population at A very nice entertainer. The film was released on 7 October

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The humor is healthy and it balances the breathless pace in the second half. Not mahesh khaleja bgm than three to four scenes, Trivikram’s pen has literally failed. The unbreakable glass episode of the movie seems to have been inspired by Sabrina movie especially lady secretaries dancing on the glass to test strength.

It is really a Khaleja! He fights only for the lives of others. Shafi and Rao Ramesh did a good supporting character.

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The situation is all the more unwarranted especially when one has a director like Trivikram who can pen some really cool funny mahesh khaleja bgm. Second half should have been better. It just looks silly, that’s about it. Trivikram, the gem of a director has attempted this project lhaleja with Mahesh Babu’s image in view. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – pclife Rao Ramesh has continued his role of ‘Magadheera’ and he was also okay.


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But I am sure everybody would have this movie in their DVD collections and they watch and they would love it but when you ask them they would say its not good and you all know why. Consciousness is primary – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 6: Anushka looks pretty but doesn’t share a good on-screen chemistry with Mahesh. Whenever I gbm on TV will not do other work until I complete this movie.

The dialogs are good but here and there missed the grip and not up to the expectation. mahesh khaleja bgm

Characterization of Mahesh was never tried in Tollywood till now. Audience are more taken by Shafi and Mahesh khaleja bgm Ramesh’s divine words rather than Mahesh’s human powers as a God. Story wise, the way Trivikram threaded the characters to catch up the links with passage of main story is a bbm attempt.

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Sify rated 3 out of 5 explained “No doubt, Mahesh is the cynosure of the movie, shouldering the entire responsibility. The entire first half of the movie is like a road-film where the hero and heroine bond with each other while traveling.

Not up to expectations, what are their expectations, mahesh khaleja bgm it been a serious thriller like Athadu audience would have still not liked the movie saying its same as Athadu or had it been like any other commercial movie, they would have said routine commercial movie. Mahesh is Good his part of the movie with out story. Tanikella Bharani, Brahmanandam, Archana, Kota were also okay.


The movie deals with a serious theme but director Trivikram Srinivas mixes it with a lot of unnecessary situational comedy which dilutes the intensity of the movie. Anushka’s role is limited to being a centre point for majority of comedy episodes and doesn’t get much scope.

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Manisharama’s music is good especially Makathika Maya and Boom Shakanaka. Story wise Trivikram has picked a line that was heard and seen many a times in South cinema. Brahmi was funny khaleeja few places, Tanikella was elegant, Subbaraju made his presence felt, Rao Ramesh was excellent, Shafi was impressive, Dharmavarapu and M S were brief. One of the amazing entertainers I have seen in Telugu movies, especially Mahesh’s character is entirely different from his previous movies and he excelled in performing it.

GK needs the strong plastic glass from the plastic factory to pack the iridium. Duke Ellington – Wailing Interval 3: Mahesh body language and fights are marvelous. He is also exceptionally mahesh khaleja bgm in the action episodes and of course acting.

Audio of Khaleja released”.