Google [Bot] and 3 guests. I started feeling the effects real quick, about 20 sec in. Users browsing this forum: I know i don’t post very much, but when i post it’s so awesome that it cover’s 10 of your posts. We lead the industry as a safe and effective method to achieve a simulated experience through the use of binaural audio doses.

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Good luck the next time, want to hear more of your experiences.

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Had me laughing for hours. I find that my mind wonders after a bit if I nitrous i-doser focus on the sound Congrats for your initial experiences! Google [Bot] and 3 guests. Did you miss your activation email? I have whole bunch of them, never tried any though, guess im too lazy to listen a washingmachine for 30 minutes.

October 23, K-doser I would love to post a lot more, but idk if you guys would take nitrous i-doser serious, and get into the conversation. Id love to see some reactions.

So yeah, tho only the weirdest part about it tho. Please login or register. It felt really cool. Get it at the dentist as often as possible, it’s a free high usually. I was gonna kick his ass but he was tripping out so yeah.


Btw his favorite one is “Acid quick hit” Acid story – He stood up and started to i-doeer the effects just real acid, everything was rainbow colored and shit. I just tried the Nitrous dose for the first time.

We were laughing to hard that we didn’t get a recording of my friend gary x You may be immune or not, try. Because he was running like nitrous i-doser. Everything was good and I was feeling great. Nice3, follow this guide – http: E marijuana, cocaine, etc. I beginning to wonder if it’s my headphones For people that are just too stupid and don’t take i–doser seriously when your taking the dose, ofcourse its not gonna work, but some are immune to it.

How many times did it take to achieve the “high”: At the end of the dose when it was only a tone, my whole head nitrous i-doser numb. N2O abuse is best kept when mixed with other drugs as long as your familiar and comfortable with the drugs, since it enhances there effects. Btw, do it with a nitrouw, not alone.


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Although it is much different than other inhalants it can still cause brain damage, especially when used improperly. First dose I bought. But the effect nitrous i-doser only for a short, maybe mins. Some people i know are “addicted” i guess you could say, they use it several times a day because they love the feeling alot.

I nitruos feeling the effects real quick, about 20 sec in.

Desmond on October 28,nitrous i-doser After the dose i flipped on my TV and saw Family Guy, and their voices were low and distorted. If only my car was here and i could go get some morning glorys and coleus from home depot