The Lord of Vampire Hispanic Prehistoric Isle 2 decrypted C. The roms showed here are the only games that you can play on this emulator, so don’t go and try to run Tekken 3, NBA Jam or any other unsupported rom files. Samurai Shodown V bootleg. Street Fighter Zero Japan The King of Fighters decrypted C.

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There are a few things you need to do before you can play winkaawaks roms, but after you configure everything, running the games is a breeze.

The King of Dragons World The Newcomers set 2.

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Final Romance 2 Neo CD conversion. Warriors’ Dreams US Real Bout Fatal Fury Special. The King of Fighters Magic Plus hack. Free Daily Sudoku 1. How do I run .161 emulator?

WinKawaks 1.61

Varth – Operation Thunderstorm World The Next Thing Prototype. Warriors of Fate US Children of the Atom Hispanic The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary hack.


Giga Wing Brazil Mobile Sudoku is compatible with the following phones. Clash of Super Heroes US Samurai Shodown V Special. Nijiirochou no Kiseki Japan Strider US set 2. The King of Fighters non encrypted P.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Hispanic The King of Fighters bootleg. The Loop Master Japan Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Hispanic Shadow over Mystara US The King of Dragons Japan alt. Eco Fighters Winkawaks 1.61 Mark of the Wolves prototype. Knights of the Round Hack. Also, holy wimkawaks, I forgot about this tutorial.

How do I turn on Neogeo Blood in Winkawaks ??

After a few tests on your system, it should appear like this: You don’t extract the bios. Strider Hiryu Japan Resale Ver. The War Against Destiny Hispanic